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We offer several sudoku-Apps for iPhone and iPad. Each App contains an assorted set of carefully selected sudokus at some specific level of difficulty. (Since two of our sudoku Apps are targeting children, here is our privacy policy.)

App Features:

  • Library with carefully selected sudokus at some specific level of difficulty.
  • User-interface that also can be operated by fat fingers.
  • Unlimited undo- and redo- memory.
  • Hi-light all digits of some kind, for exemple all 5:s
  • Ability to make small notes in every cell (pencil marks).

    We know how to make and asses fun sudokus, and have published them on the since 2005.

    Level 0

    Zero Sudokus on level 0, These sudokus can be solved in any order!! One does not need to search for a cell that can be solved. Just pick any cell and solve it! To solve it, one must first decide if one should consider the cell's row, column, or block, and then one must count from 1 to 9 to find the missing digit.

    The simplicity of these sudokus makes them suitable for young children that are learning to count from 1 to 9.

    Level 1

    Kid's sudokus on level 1. These are easy to solve, but not as easy as level 0. You must first find a cell that can be solved by the easy method, and then you solve it. During the entire solution process, there will always be one region (block, row, or column) that contains all digits but one. It is easy to determine the missing digit as soon as its location has been identified!

    To the left, we see a typical example. In the second column only the digit 8 is missing.
    These sudokus are suitable for clever kids, but also for adults that do not like to put to much effort in solving a sudoku!

    Level 2

    Sudoku collection. Contains 100 sudokus that are fairly easy to solve. During the entire solution process, there will always be one 3x3-block where some digit is only allowed at one place.
    Below is a typical example, in the bottom left block, the digit 4 is only allowed at one place!

    Level 3

    Focus Sudokus. These sudokus are considered challenging. To solve them, several more advanced rules must be applied. Most "advanced" sudokus published in news papers belong to this level.

    Level 4

    Deep Thought Sudokus. These sudokus are on level 4, and extremely challenging! To solve them you must think deep, but it is always possible to solve them without resorting to guesswork. Level 4 sudokus are rare. To find them, our computer has examined and rejected thousands of sudokus. The App contains 33 sudokus at level 4, and they will keep you busy for a long time. Enjoy!


    Sudoku Mix. This free App contains 5 sudokus. One of each kind!


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